Monday, August 31, 2009

The End Has No End

"Thank GOD we can finally send Kevin home."

Location: Home... almost, then Home... really, California

The Kia made it! GLORY... almost. Less than a mile from our door, Miss Thang (the Sportage) ran out of gas on the last hill. Above, you can view our gloomy faces circa 11:30 pm at the local gas station. Ten minutes later, GLORY... really.

We have arrived at our destination. Our traytables have been stowed and locked in their upright positions, and our seatbelts are no longer securely fastened. Homecoming leaves a bittersweet taste in all of our mouths, but it was expected and to some extent, it just makes everything mean that much more. Things are happening quickly now. Kevin is leaving in a few days to go back to Chicago and start a real big-boy job, I am moving to San Clemente, and Alex and I both begin the job-search. It's not easy to say goodbye to life on the road, sixteen days spent not leaving one another's side in a car all three of us are taller than forged familial ties more quickly than years at school would have. The Kia became our home. We ate there, slept there, played there, laughed there, it was a simple formula really, and it became comfortable and unrestricted. Alas, all good things come to an end and now we will continue our quest for more good things, more good people, more good deeds. Although the roadtrip is over, we hope it does not mean our giving has come to an end, too. We hope, through this trip, that we have helped ourselves become more aware, more conscious of those around us and what we can do for one another, and how what we do has the potential to create small ripples, which have the potential to form big waves. We hope that through our trip, if we're lucky (which we have been so lucky thus far), maybe it has helped others become more aware of their potential as well. Thus the title, "The End Has No End." We must also say that our attempts at giving have already come back to us infinitely in the warmth and generosity of those we have met, those who have taken care of us, donated to us, prayed for us, wished us well, followed our story, called us and given so much of themselves to us. In some ways, we have been given so much on our trip it feels it almost negates our trying to donate to others. The experiences we have had will take a lot of time to sort out in our minds, but we know they were real and true and good, and we have so many others to thank for that. We hope we have made you proud. Especially we would like to thank Al for all you contributed, The Mannex's, Heidi and Jeremy at Boss' Pizza, The Freedom Writers, Frank, LaDean, Vik and Katherine at The O.C. Register and Dana Point News for writing our stories, our friends and families, and a lot of hotel parking lots, side streets, and ditches on the side of the road. We would also like to thank the Sportage... people had their doubts and you proved them wrong; you proved them 25 miles per hour wrong up every mountain! And we'd like to thank one another, for seeing each other in what could be the most awkward of situations and loving each other despite them.

For now,
Rebecca, Alex, and Kevin

Location: Kia dashboard, Everywhere, USA


  1. Weary travelers,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed reading about your adventure and the spirit of giving that you encountered across the country.

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